Guten Appetit30.05.2000

Vom 30. Mai bis zum 9. Juni waren wieder einmal unsere englischen Gäste zu Besuch in Meiningsen. Hier mit ihren deutschen Freunden beim ersten gemeinsamen Abendessen im Gemeindehaus.

da läuft einem das Wasser im Munde zusammen30.05.2000

Die Suppe war vom feinsten. Die Getränke gut gekühlt. Der englisch-deutsch gemischte Dialog kam schnell in Schwung. Pastor Frank Stückemann versprach den Gästen ein abwechslungsreiches Programm.

ein echt deutsches Abendessen30.05.2000

Und hier sind die Originalworte von Derek Bothamley:

Meiningsen / Bamford, 7. june 2000

Once more the family relationship between Meiningsen and Bamford has been happily maintained, however changes have taken place since the last meeting in UK in 1999. The Revd. Nigel Gower has left the Bamford Parish to take up a new appointment in Stonebroom Derbyshire. Additionally he has married Janet Pegler who was also on the original visitors list in 1994. Our new Rector and his wife (Revd. David Pickering) made their first reciprocal visit. Sadly, Dennis Frost who visited two years ago is terminally ill, so we offer him our joint prayers.

We are very pleased that we could share in two Christian Acts of Worship. Himmelfahrt - an outside service proved to be a most moving service and afterwards old friendships were re-established and new ones begun.

Our catholic friends in Günne (we must emphasize that our connection is ecumenical), made us most welcome and hopefully Father Anthony will visit us in the UK shortly.

A new relationship and hopefully a strong one was also established with new friends from Poland. So one can see our expanding friendships. One cannot thank too much our dear friend Pff. Frank Stückemann for arranging this and previous visits, with such a variable programme which caters for a variety of interests both secular and non-secular. Also thank you to Superintendent Manfred Selle for his most sincere welcome to us all. Already plans are afoot for 2001. Long may our association with our German friends continue and indeed expand. May God bless you all.

länderübergreifende Freundschaft08.06.2000